Accent your style and swagger with the most charismatic vodka on the scene. Innovation that was born in France and inspired by the elite nightlife in the trendiest cities in the United States, C A V Ô D A Vodka is the Vodka equivalent to luxury and the pulse of pop-culture. C A V Ô D A is an exquisite fusion of past and future, a symphony of innovative design and timelessness. C A V Ô D A's allure is not only in it's provocative design, but also in it’s impeccably smooth, sophisticated taste. It is the World's First Illuminating Bottle of Ultra Premium Vodka that assures it's clientele will be highlighted amongst any crowd. Your invitation to spotlight VIP nightlife is closer than you think. Light up your life with C A V Ô D A Vodka.

C A V Ô D A Vodka is distilled from French whole-wheat grains harvested in Champagne, Brie. The freshly cut wheat is then sent to our 110 year-old craft distillery located in the heart of Bordeaux, France. At our distillery the whole-wheat grains become the beginning of C A V Ô D A Vodka. The key to our process is the purity of the water source, which we use an underground water source that runs under the mountains in Northern France to our distillery. Our sophisticated distillation process along with our master distillers vast knowledge truly embodies the quality of our spirit. After repeating the distillation process 5 times, C A V Ô D A Vodka is born.

Made From 100% Whole Wheat Grains Harvested in Champagne, Brie France. Five Times Distilled in the Bordeaux Region of France from a 110 year old craft distillery. 80 Proof

Cavoda Pink Ultra Premium Spirit. Our Five Times Distilled Ultra Premium Vodka Infused with Natural and Artificial Flavours of Strawberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate and Nordic Berry. 70 Proof.

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